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EncryptIt Android™ Application

A multi purpose utility to encrypt any text.

It utilizes best practices encryption to ensure your data is safe from prying eyes.

Encrypt your emails, messages, memos, notes, appointments, etc.

- Uses 256bit AES encryption
- Uses salting to enhance the security of the seed/password to withstand brute force attacks and rainbow tables.
- Uses salting and vectors to randomize the output to further enhance security.
- Quick and efficient processing.

To encrypt:
1. Type or paste text that is to be encrypted.
2. Enter a seed (password), and hit the Encrypt button.
The output is the scrambled text which can be save in an application or sent to someone.

To decrypt:
1. Paste the scrambled text to the application.
2. Enter the seed (password) and hit the Decrypt button.

Due to the recent rise of malware distribution, the application EncryptIt is only available on the Google Android Market. This application does not exist on other third party Android market places. Do NOT trust the EncryptIt application if it is being distributed elsewhere OR it requires ANY permissions.
EncryptIt does NOT require ANY permissions to run.
BEWARE of any clone or copies of EncryptIt that uses ANY permissions.

Available now on the Google Play Store.

Click here to try now! (Google Play Store™ must be installed)
Click here for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version.
Click here for Android 4.4 Kit Kat version.

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